Balaam Bart A Scott

ISBN: 9781460982945

Published: February 27th 2011


206 pages


Balaam  by  Bart A Scott

Balaam by Bart A Scott
February 27th 2011 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, ZIP | 206 pages | ISBN: 9781460982945 | 5.80 Mb

Imagine . . . A grumpy loner leaves the comfort of his muddy hut and embarks on a magical adventure with a talking donkey. No, not that ogre of a tale you might be thinking of! Balaam is a reimagining of a lesser-known but by no means lesser Old Testament character.

Mysterious Balaam lived in exile on the banks of the Jordan river. Rumors of his magic made him a sought after practitioner by those in need, including King Balak of Moab. When the King feared an encroaching threat marching upon his throne, he sent his ministers to fetch Balaam. The offer was simple: a lifetime of riches in exchange for one powerful curse that would destroy an entire civilization. The price for failure would be a swift sword to the neck. Balaam soon discovered no matter how far down youve sunk, its never too late to pull yourself back up to your feet. But can he get out of the dark deed hes agreed to and still keep his head?

Balaam is a fun, fast-paced read geared for younger readers but entertaining to readers of more advanced years as well. Come on this adventure and see for yourself! For more on the author visit or his blog http: //

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