Dark Stories: Five Tales of Horror and Suspense for Young Adults Christopher Grant


Published: October 26th 2013

Kindle Edition

39 pages


Dark Stories: Five Tales of Horror and Suspense for Young Adults  by  Christopher Grant

Dark Stories: Five Tales of Horror and Suspense for Young Adults by Christopher Grant
October 26th 2013 | Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, ZIP | 39 pages | ISBN: | 10.55 Mb

Here are five stories for young adults to thrill and scare. Christopher Grant’s signature style is sure to keep you up at night!Warning: This ebook contains graphic bloody imagery and disturbing content. Adults should review carefully before allowing a child in their care to read these stories.1. CONNECTED: A Tale of SuspenseEven though they have only known each other for two months, Bo and Laura have fallen head over heels in love.

The two get married and have no doubt that their love will ever cease- after all they were like two peas in a pod. Luckily they have the same interests and both enjoy living life on the edge, and have done many things that have made others cringe. However, even though they have done some of the most dangerous activities of all time, Laura is leery about driving in the bad weather to her in-law’s house.

However, the couple decides to go ahead and make that journey together. Could the drive to Bo’s parents be their last thrill ride together?2. My Sister, My Love: A Young Adult Horror StoryHow close is the bond between sisters, and what happens when the bond is torn asunder? In this terrifying story, the horror doesn’t end.3. Snuffed: A Young Adult Horror StorySome matches are made in Heaven, and some matches are made in Hell. Marie and Eric aren’t the first type at all.4. THE BREAK: A Young Adult Suspense StorySam and his buddies have been working hard all semester.

They have a big game coming up, along with midterms, but yearn for a small break. Every year there is rumor of a huge mysterious party, but they haven’t been. Walter somehow gets directions to the party and begs and pleads his friends to take the break they have needed to go. Friday night finally arrives and they take off but quickly get lost. They desperately try to find someone to help them and after their long search, they finally do. But this odd and crazy man isn’t interested in helping them, only himself.

Will they ever get to “the” party or did they just arrive?5. WITHOUT A GUN: A Moral StoryBilly is a newly sworn in police officer for New York City, and he believes that he will never have to fire a bullet in his life. His father was a police officer, and retired without even taking out his gun. But little did he know that on his first day of work he was going to get into something that was well over his head.

And being paired up with the beautiful Miss Cookie Wilson, who was absolutely against him being her partner, didn’t make it any easier. She was determined to show him that he is just not cut out for this job. And after making the worst rookie mistake ever, he knew that if he didn’t take matters in his own hands, his career would be over. But would Billy and his partner live to tell about it?

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