Carp Fishing Science Jon Woods

ISBN: 9780956729705

Published: January 10th 2010


276 pages


Carp Fishing Science  by  Jon Woods

Carp Fishing Science by Jon Woods
January 10th 2010 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, ZIP | 276 pages | ISBN: 9780956729705 | 8.41 Mb

Carp anglers talk about watercraft all the time. But what exactly is that? Some would say its applying understanding of the environment in which the carp lives and the fish itself to catch more of them. And how do we improve our watercraft?

By studying how the behaviour of the carp changes as environmental variables fluctuate daily and seasonally. We can do this by spending time on the lake or river bank and by reading about it. Carp Fishing Science is unlike all other carp fishing books. It provides information which the angler can use in order to anticipate changes in the carps behaviour, especially those related to nutrition and activity, therefore helping to improve the readers watercraft. Jon Wood, marine biologist and experienced fish farm consultant, has written a book which looks at carp fishing from a very different point of view from all other publications- from that of the fish rather than the fisherman, which is really where it should be from.

In Carp Fishing Science, he presents a distillation of more than two hundred scientific publications and has extracted the most valuable proven facts about the fish to allow the reader to know the animal in greater detail, modify strategies and put more fish on the bank. This book bridges a gap between that which has until now only been supposed and that which has been shown through scientific studies. The author delves into aspects of carp biology, fish physiology and environmental science in order to clarify some of the myths surrounding carp fishing and answers questions such as why and how carp feed, which substances have been shown to cause a positive feeding response to carp, how the fish uses each of its senses and how the nutritional requirements of the carp change through the year.

If you are a carp angler, a carp producer, a bait maker, a fisheries student, or just someone who has always wanted to think like a fish, then this book should be in your collection.

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